Monday, November 25, 2013

Does Wheat Flour Count as a Vegetable?

Do you have that friend who can put things in perspective for you and make you feel better about the situation? You know, the kind who tells you like it is, but is so sweet and funny doing it that you know she doesn't mean a thing by it. Bless her heart! Your glass more than half full kind of girl. My friend Tracy has me covered. Worried about those ten pounds that I lost over the summer and gained back as soon as school started. No worries, she listened to me moan and groan and shared a Diet Coke and Reese's cups with me to make me feel better. Sharing is good.

Bad hair day? Put it in a ponytail or put a hat on it. Problem solved.

Moved the same load of laundry from the dryer, to the spare bed, to the real bed, to the chair? Rewash it and start over so you don't have to fold it would be her advice. I love her!

And then there are the days I am tired. Too tired to cook a warm comforting meal for my family. If the world was left to me to run, I would most likely feed them some cereal I bought on sale at CVS with a coupon and pray there is enough milk left from the Saturday morning Dollar General run all the while wishing I was feeding them rice and gravy, porkchops,corn, and beans...a real supper. And then Tracy comes along with this....

She popped her head in my office just long enough this afternoon to say, "I think this just might be dinner!" Have mercy! She was holding a cheesecake and chocolate covered pretzels, and for a brief and shining moment I wished I was having the same thing. I was a tiny bit jealous. I had planned to have a healthy salad for dinner, with some rotisserie chicken from Food Lion, and maybe a tangerine, definitely a Little Debbie, but maybe a tangerine, too. And then she reminded me one of the reasons we are friends. She said, "You know, eggs are protein, milk comes from cows, and wheat flour is the first ingredient on the list so we are definitely eating vegetables." Yep! Vegetables. There you have it!

So tonight, I'm eating my vegetables in the form of cookies....and loving every bite. Thanks, Tracy! I'm so glad we are friends.

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Matthew 22:39


Tracy Dugan said...

I consider myself so blessed and so fortunate to have friends like you, who simply "get it". You don't have to pretend you don't rewash your laundry after you've moved it from the basket, to the chair, to the bed and back again! Friends who "get it" are not the least bit offended when you say you may have pretzels and cheescake for dinner...they help you find the nutritional value in that and THEN they go to zumba with you so that those 10 pounds don't become 15! Yes ma'am, friends who "get it" are a true blessing and they are among the things I say thanks for daily Especially when I say things like... it's not even 5:00 yet and I'm happily curled up in my pj's in front of the fire and instead of shaking your head and thinking I'm a lazy bum...all my friends who "get it" are just a tad bit jealous of that...because I beat ya to it!....xoxo

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